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2eleven 2015

Categoria - Legenda compartilhada em 29 de janeiro de 2018

2Eleven is the tale of two brothers hustling to survive in the streets of Detroit. Zo, the calm, ambitious brother, wants nothing more than to give his daughter, Natty, a better life while Murda, the flashy, hot tempered brother, loves the fast life and even faster money. Two very different brothers with the same occupation, committing robberies. Zo, Murda, and their accomplice Rell start off as small time thieves until Zo links up with a season veteran who gives them the opportunity to catch bigger fish and make more money. Once these “jack boys” begin to see a shift in income, the differences between Zo and Murda become more apparent. Tempers flare, blood is shed, and lines are crossed. The more money that is made, the more loyalty is tested. This urban drama is sure to leave you thinking.

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Legendas 2eleven (2015)

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